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Jenton’s first in-house design (in 1992) for automatic packaging equipment was the CB600 Hinged Lid Carton collation, stacking and banding systems for the demanding tobacco industry which were sold in UK and America and we are proud that, in 2022, well over half Jenton Group’s sales are from products we design and make ourselves.

In 2004 Jenton acquired the Ariana brand which enabled design-led manufacturing for the food industry. Ariana has innovated many solutions since the 1980s which are now found all over the meat and fresh food industry. The first cut pad padding machines for thermoformers, (‘Autopad’) the first CAP/MAP seal testers, the first mince portioners and the first retracting belt mince loaders being some good examples.

Our Products

Jenton Ariana specialises in the design and manufacture of ‘clever conveyors’ or sophisticated control led pieces of automation equipment for high speed food lines.

Our products include convergers (sometimes called in-liners or singleizers), a wide range of product stackers (sometimes combined with labellers), pad placing machines, divergers, seal testers and conveyor line control systems.


Ariana BCS convergers / in-liners bring multiple lanes into one following roll stock thermoformers or by converging products on independent food conveyors. Compact and robust and able to manage packs at up to 180 packs / minute. Easy clean, HMI receipe control, easy to maintain.

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jenton ariana converger

Seal Testers

Ariana seal testers test 100% packs on line on CAP / MAP / ready meal lines - with a pack headspace. Seal leaks as small as 0,2mm can be detected without slowing a thermoformer. Process can be evaluated off-line. Packs are rejected or converged onto single lane.

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jenton ariana seal tester


Ariana FCS stackers Designed and manufactured for many applications. A variety of options depending on pack formats and shapes and whether for auto or manual handling on exit but all will run at high speeds and treat packs gently.

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jenton ariana stackers

Pad Placers

The original and best! Ariana Autopad ™ pad placers are pick and place systems for pre-cut absorbant pads for food trays. Can operate on thermoformer loading beds or stand alone over conveyors for pre-formed trays. Easy change magazines. Multiple row feeding.

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jenton ariana pad placer

Jenact UV Disinfection

Jenton, via its JenAct brand design and manufacture UV disinfection systems for air and surfaces. Because of our links to the packaging industry, many of JenAct sales are within that market. JenAct GRU-V Jet™ systems are in use in food production halls and JenAct UV disinfection conveyors are used for transfer of packaging and actual packs from low care into high care in food packaging environments. JenAct have 12 granted patents in the generation of UV for multiple applications including disinfection of packaging prior to filling – or refilling, such as systems installed in The Body Shop stores as long ago as the 1990s. Systems have also been installed in medical applications as well as many Covid-19 related installations in schools, surgeries, clinics, gyms etc.

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jenact uv disinfection conveyor

Packaging Automation

Ariana OEM convergers can be found all around the world with other companies’ names on and we love working on developing OEM solutions for companies whose main ‘hero’ products take priority within their own design facilities.

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About the Jenton Group

For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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