Ariana BCS convergers / in-liners bring multiple lanes into one following roll stock thermoformers or by converging products on independent food conveyors.  Compact and robust and able to manage packs at up to 180 packs / minute. Easy clean, HMI receipe control, easy to maintain.

Food Pack Converger at speeds of up to 180 packs a minute

JentonAriana BCS Range, is an automatic, multi lane, Food Pack Converger, designed to take multi-lanes of fresh food packs, reduce and channelize them to a single lane.

It may be the shortest on the market but this is not only the fastest, but also it is the most economic solution for converging  thermoformed packs into a single line. The Pack Leader BCS  is simpler and cheaper than previous channelizers or convergers but uses advanced control technology to be more adaptable and far easier to use and maintain. Automatic Food Pack Converging is now an affordable option for users of smaller thermoformers. Main food applications include red meat, cheese, poultry, fish and fresh produce.

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Automatic Seal Tester and Converger System

Jenton Ariana in-line Seal Tester is both fast and accurate.

Jenton Ariana's in-line Seal Tester and Converger (channelizing) machine offers non-destructive seal integrity testing and gas volume testing for thermoformed packs. This seal integrity testing system is suitable for Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (C.A.P) and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.), such as ready meal packs, mince, pasta etc. from a thermoformer, tray sealer or flow wrapper. This innovative seal tester is able to test packs up to 15 thermoformer cycles per minute or at 180 packs per minute from a tray sealer. The Jenton Ariana seal testers will test 100% of packs, only reject leaking packs and report back to SPC systems if required.

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