Seal Testers

Ariana seal testers test 100% packs on line on CAP / MAP / ready meal lines - with a pack headspace. Seal leaks as small as 0,2mm can be detected without slowing a thermoformer. Process can be evaluated off-line. Packs are rejected or converged onto single lane.

Inline Seal Tester and Converger System

The Jenton Ariana Inline Seal Tester is both fast and accurate.

The Jenton Ariana In-Line Seal Tester channelizing machine - a non-destructive seal integrity tester and gas volume tester for thermoformed food packs, suitable for Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (C.A.P) and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.), ready meal packs etc. from a thermoformer, tray sealer or flow wrapper. This Seal Tester is able to test packs from up to 15 thermoformer cycles per minute at 180 packs per minute from a tray sealer. Leaking packs are rejected into a standard bin and good packs are converged into a single lane. The Jenton Ariana test system subjects each pack to the longest possible test time in order to identify and reject leaking packs.

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Seal Tester Offline Stand Alone

The Jenton Ariana Standalone Seal Tester is ideal for testing gas filled MAP/CAP packs off line.

It tests for leaks as well as under-gas and over-gas. It can also be used as part of the production process to ensure accurate pack height for final packaging. Typical product time is around 4 seconds to complete all three tests. The results are collated to provide statistical analysis of the tests giving % PASS, LEAK. OVER-GAS and UNDER GAS. Since the test in non-destructive, passed packs can be put back into the production line.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Typical test time 4 seconds
  • Over-gas and under-gas detection as standard
  • Detects pin holes of typically <0.3mm as well as seal faults
  • Colour touch screen
  • Each changeover for different pack sizes
  • Identifies production sealing problems

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