Pad Placers

The original and best! Ariana Autopad ™ pad placers are pick and place systems for pre-cut absorbant pads for food trays. Ariana Autopad can operate on thermoformer loading beds or stand alone over conveyors for pre-formed trays. Easy change magazines. Multiple row feeding. 

Powerslide Pad Cutter

Automatically feeds from a roll, cuts and places absorbent "Peach Pads" into preformed trays on a thermoformer or tray sealer up to 150 packs/min.

Easily changed between lane configurations and any length of pad. Capable of multi-row and deep pod placing. Main applications include red meat, cheese, poultry, fish and fresh produce. Options include - free-standing units for placement over preformed tray conveyor lines, Dri-loc™ and moisture barrier webs.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-reducing through use of roll stock instead of ready cut pads.
  • Reduced stock of different pad sizes.
  • Extremely easy operation.
  • Considerably more hygienic than manual placement.
  • Significantly lower personnel expenditure
  • Roll size to suit production shift length

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Automatic Pad Placers

For both Tray Sealers and Fresh Food Thermoformers / Thermoformed Packs, capable of loading up to 180 pads/minute using pre-cut pads.

Jenton Ariana design and manufacture a range of automatic pad placers for both tray sealers and thermoformers. We are able to use either pre-cut pads or cut directly from roll-fed material. Our machines are designed to have as small a footprint as possible and yet are capable of loading up to 180 pads/minute.

Our biggest selling machine is the Automatic Pad Placer for tray sealers using pre-cut pads. The interchangeable pad cassettes make this machine ideal for all applications, even when a variety of pads is used, changeover from one size to another, takes a matter of seconds.

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