Ariana FCS stackers are designed and manufactured for many applications. A variety of options are available, depending on pack formats and shapes, and whether auto or manual handling is required on exit. All Ariana Stackers run at high speeds and treat packs gently. 

Indexing Flighted Belt Stacker

Innovative stacker to prepare stacks for hand loading

Family of stacker designs to make it easy to convert high speed pack feeding to manageable stacks for hand loading boxes / trays etc.  Multiple pack sizes and depths possible and high infeed speeds up to 180 packs per minute. 

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High Speed Food Pack Turner

Designed for orientating trays used in top sealing applications.

The Jenton Ariana High Speed In Line Pack Turning System, is set to increase production capacity by up to some 150%, allowing more trays to fit within a single cycle of the top sealer.

This new fully automatic pack turning system is capable of rotating trays from narrow edge leading to long edge leading at speeds up to 85 per minute. It can be easily adjusted for a range of pack sizes, is fully automatic and has no change parts. It can handle trays up to 600mm in length and a straight through option is also available.

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